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2011 - The 9th Sculptors Invitational
and 1st Art Show

The Art Show
Art Show Policies
Art Show Policies are for professional artists and sculptors. The art show polices are for paintings, small sculpture and other fine arts. This new program fosters comradery between art organizations. Candidate professional artists and sculptors are juried through their own respective participating art organizations. Click above to see list. Art show policies are different from Sculptor Policies which are for large outdoor sculptors only, see below. All art organizations from Texas, other states and countries are invited to apply for participation.
Art Show Policies

"The Sculptors Invitational"
Annual April Show * Over 300 sculptors & 700 sculptures since 2003 * Abstract to Figurative - Lifesize to Colossal
Sculptor Policies
Sculptor Policies are for professional sculptors with big outdoor sculpture. Sculptors with big outdoor sculpture, contact with your website for jury. For details click the following items.
Exhibit by Membership Only * Sculptor Policies * Register


.. dates and information below apply to both the Sculptors Invitational and Art Show.

March 1, 2011 - Deadline
Now to March 1

. Sculptor Registrations Due
/ Art Organization Registrations Due/ Installation Due/ Printing Deadline to be on Handout material.
Big Sculpture Entrants.
Limit 1 large outdoor sculpture. Installations ongoing by appointment.

April 2
- Opening Day. Public and Sculptor/Artist Reception 11a - 1p. Invitational Sculpture and Art Show 11a - 5p. Art show is one day only Ap 2.
Art show set up 8am to 10am. Show starts 11am. Take down 5pm to 6pm. The Sculptors Invitational show continues each weekend in April,
April 3 - 24

Villa del Carmen Sculpture Conservatory, 11354 Vance Jackson Rd, San Antonio, Texas, USA, 78230. Google Maps

Big Sculpture - SDI Membership required, $50 annual. To enter submit your website and Registration for jury . [or email photos of your large work example, to] No entry or registration fee membership only.
1st Art Show Entry. Contact either San Antonio Visual Artists or Texas Society of Sculptors for entries of small sculpture or paintings.

Professional Artists and sculptors of small sculptures must register through a participating arts organization following their policies of jury.
ART SHOW. A 10x10 pad fee $50 plus any added fee and/or commission of the participationg art organization. The art organization will jury your work. Contact them direct or encourage your own organization to participate.

BIG OUTDOOR SCULPTURE ONLY for Sculptors Invitational. (400lb minimum w/o base.)  Limit 1. Membership required. The Sculptors Invitational in April on all four weekends, 11am to 5pm. Year-around gallery available up to two years. Sculptor presence not required to exhibit or sell. Transportation and insurance are sculptors responsibility. You will exhibit with some 60 other big sculpture professionals. Sculptures on the ground during March/April are required to stay on grounds during March and April. The venue is 6 landscaped residential acres, oak trees, grass, secured, gated and inside the city limits. 25% commission. Please see; - - POLICIES  -  Press Release 

Gilbert E Barrera, Sculptor/ Founder/ Director - 210 696-9813, or cell 210 413-0498

See our Call For Entry ads and descriptions at Participating online Art Organization publications:
"Access Arts' ArtDeadline.Com"
  , Fine Art America , Art Opportunities Monthly