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2006 - "The Celebration of 3D"
Participating Sculptor Websites

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 ----- COUNTRIES ------


C. Schmidt


Johann Eyfells 1 2
 Kristin H. Eyfells 1 2
(Kristin Halldorsdottir)

Mexico Sculptors


Cecilia Calderon
Jose Antonio GarciaGuerra
Gisel Luna
Leslie Luna


Rosibel Garcia-Ramirez


Siri Dehipitiya


---- U.S STATES ----

Arizona Sculptors


James Muir
Pokey Park

Arkansas Sculptors


Michael Don Fess


Virginia Harrison

Colorado Sculptors


Marcia Christensen
Sue Quinlan

Illinois Sculptors


Vasily Fedorouk

New Mexico Sculptors


Wisconsin Sculptors


Rose Van Vranken


----- THE HOST STATE ----


Ho Baron
Gary Beyer
Tom Bishop
Kelly Borsheim
Susan Budge
William Cannings
Marianne Caroselli
Jim Cayton
Danville Chadbourne
John Christensen
Bob Coffee
Jane Duryea
Greg Elliot
Philip Evett
Krisanne Frost
Gary Gosset
Aaron Gross
Bobby Hamric
James Hendricks
Philip Hoggatt
John Houser

Jack Kennett
Jim LaPaso
Herb Long
Peter Mangan
Nic Noblique
Fritz Ozuna
Willie Ray Parrish
Bill Raney
Rebecca Ritter
Jose Rivera
George Schroeder
Barbara Serota
Phil Simpson
Lars Stanley
Laura Sturtz
Russ Thayer
James Tisdale
John D. VanCamp
John Webb
Don Williams
Mark Williamson
Ben Woitena

Gilbert E Barrera, sculptor/host

Special thanks to Demonstrating Sculptors on Opening Day

Marla Ripperda - clay
Don Williams live bronze pour/ Jonas Perkins assistanting
Kelly Borsheim - stone power carving
Louis Gonzalez - WoodCarving demo
Cat Quintinilla - and live class, stone carving by hand

Demonstrating sculptors may exhibit free on the grounds and may show and sell one small sculpture kept by their demo table.

Are you a professional sculptor of large scale outdoor work?
Email your website photos or jpg digital photos for jury and acceptance
to exhibit with Sculptors Dominion!

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