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Sculptors Guild Membership

The purpose of this guild is to organize and unite local and international career professional outdoor sculptors. The effort will be an association of mutual sources of beneficial marketing ideas; and it will be to build a bank of those ideas for sharing on this website with membership; and to inquire of established members of their vast contacts and processes they use to further promote the industry as a whole and to promote each others newest works; and to develop a system of response for those of us who are financially weakest to pursue rightful owings for work we have done that has been refused payment in full or in part; and to designate a common weekend each year to share conversations of each others ideas in these regards and to view each others works in outdoor gallery. The most experienced and established sculptors are hereby invited to submit participation as a member of the governing board. All sculptors are invited to join membership. The guild membership is open to the supporting public as patron membership.

Benefits of Local Guild Membership

  1. Your name will be listed on the membership roster both online and on selected other print publications.
  2. Your website will be listed on through the end of the year upon payment or renewal of dues.
  3. Your mailing address will be added to the annual Invitational opening night gala.
  4. You will receive one free pass to either of the night shows or day shows.
  5. Your sculpture will receive invitation to be juried for the next annual show.
  6. You will receive a $5.00 discount from all Sculptors Dominion Sculpture Classes.
  7. You will have one free open studio hour added to your class time, each class.
  8. You will receive a membership card which is needed to authorize participation in the benefits
  9. You will receive a certificate of membership for your portfolio and/or album records.
  10. You will receive notice of selected shows, openings and gatherings designated for group attendance and enjoyment.

Eligibility for Guild Membership

To be eligible:

  1. You must request membership online.
  2. You must pay annual dues or:
    1. You must have shown in one of the past Sculptors Dominion Invitationals and made a donation and/or
    2. You must have taken at least 5 sculpture courses with the Sculptors Dominion School within a year and/or
    3. You must have purchased a sculpture from the Sculptors Dominion from either the annual Invitational or the year round Outdoor Gallery.
  3. You must fill out a basic information form.

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